Recommendations for Incoming First-Year Students

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Environmental Science
Note: Students must attend the first lecture to claim their place in the course.



LAB: Environmental Science I (Labs listed individually)



Earth’s Environmental Systems: Climate + lab**



Earth’s Env. Systems: Solid Earth + lab**



**EESC UN2100 or EESC UN2200 may be taken with lab to fulfill the Science and Lab requirements.


Recommendations for Incoming First-Year Students

Students interested only in fulfilling Science Lecture and/or Lab Foundations Requirements are encouraged to take EESC BC1001 with its laboratory class EESC BC1011 and then take another Science class (second laboratory not necessary) to fulfill the Science Requirement. EESC BC1011 also fulfills Thinking Locally Foundations Requirement. 

Students wishing to major or minor in Environmental Science, or major in Environmental Policy or Environmental Biology, may begin with EESC BC1001 or enroll in EESC UN2100, Earth’s Environmental Systems: Climate or UN2200, Earth’s Environmental Systems: Solid Earth, if they have had a solid science background. Both EESC UN2100 and UN2200 are required for Environmental Science majors and are fast-paced courses; they are offered in both the fall and spring semesters, so students may either begin with one of the Earth’s Environmental Systems courses or might want to take one in the spring after experience with college-level classes. We do not advise that First Year Students enroll in courses over the 2000-level in the first semester.

We encourage First-Year students considering a major in Environmental Science, Environment and Sustainability, or Environmental Biology, to take a look at the relevant Suggested Four Year Program Worksheets, keeping in mind that these are samples used for planning. Students should select courses and the semesters they are taken in consultation with their Academic Adviser or an Environmental Science instructor in order to create a plan that best suits them and to be prepared to retool and modify their plan as they go.

Environmental Science Major 
      Program I Worksheet—beginning with Earth’s Systems  
      Program II Worksheet—beginning with Introduction to Environmental Science 

Environmental Science Minor 

Environment and Sustainability Major
      Program Worksheet  

Environmental Biology Major
      Program Worksheet  

Environmental Policy Major
(those who entered in or after Fall 2016 only)
      Program Worksheet