Energy Resources, Thursday, December 6, 8:40-9:55 am, 530 Altschul Hall

A second crew of students enrolled in EESC BC3019, Energy Resources will be presenting their policy reports this THURSDAY morning.  This event is open to students and staff.  Presentations are:
Happy, Not Happy - Emma Palmer, Zoe Hockenberry
100% Renewable Power at Barnard - Grace Palmer, Ella Boege, Mairead Mila, Mia Sinha
No More Standing - Kiran Singh-Smith, Meredith Harris, Oesa Vinesett

Energy Resources, EESC BC3019 is an Environmental Science elective class taught by Peter Bower which utilizes the physical plant of Barnard and Columbia to involve students in a semester long real-life policy study that explores the interconnections between energy resources and sustainable energy efficiency. Students work collaboratively as a team and interface with college faculty, administration, staff and student organizations to produce and disseminate a professional level policy report describing existing usage of energy, analyzing where change is needed.

Workshop in Sustainable Development Final Briefings, Thursday, December 6, 10:10-11:30 am, 119 Milstein

Barnard students enrolled in EESC BC3300, Workshop in Sustainable Development will be presenting the final briefings of their client-based workshop class this THURSDAY.  This event is open to students and staff.  The following two projects will be featured: 1) Stream revitalization and protection in NYC for client, NYC Parks Department, and 2) Teaching hydrology with interactive sandtanks in K-12 education for client, Math for America. 

EESC BC3300 is a class which is open for cross-discipline majors and required for Environment and Sustainability Majors.  In the class, students address real-world issues in sustainable development by working in groups for an external client agency. The course, taught by Martin Stute and Christian Braneon, develops student's skills in areas of communication, collaboration, and management.  Meetings with and presentations to clients and academic community are intrinsic to the course.


Summer Research Institute (SRI) Open House, Friday, December 7, 12-1pm, James Room, 4th floor Barnard Hall

All Barnard students in the sciences should attend the upcoming SRI Open House on December 2 to learn more about SRI, a 10-week program enabling Barnard students to conduct scientific research in New York during the summer--at Barnard or elsewhere. The SRI research experience will be supplemented with academic and skill-building experiences, lectures, social events and closes with a poster session. This is a terrific way to receive funding and housing to do research, especially for those Juniors beginning thesis research.  There will be lunch and lots of good info.  Mark your calendars!

Past events from this year:

Junior Research Meeting on November 29 was packed with information!

Many Juniors, some Sophomores and a First-Year attended this meeting about planning and applying for research internships opportunities and preparation for senior research.  Martin Stute discussed how to go about finding a project and a mentor, what guidance we offer to students.  He also went over Summer Research programming, REU’s (Research Experiences for Undergraduates—funded through NSF—National Science Foundation),  the application process, goals for a solid research internship, and the place an internship holds in the Senior Research Thesis requirement. If you were unable to make the meeting, please be sure you have touched base with either Martin or Brian about your plans or make an appointment to see Martin to get the info you missed.  And don't forget the SRI Open House on December 7!

All-Day Worshop Exploring the relationship between Nature and Culture

An interdisciplinary workshop with panels and discussions was held at Columbia on November 16.

Our own Martin Stute, and a slate of other scheintists and philosophical and cultural  scholars, Chia-Ying Lee of the Earth Institute's Int'l Research Institute on Climate and Society, Climateologists, Robin Bell, Dorothy Peteet and Art Lerner Lam from Lamont, William Solecki, Director of CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, Dachun Liu and Dedong Wei of Renmin University of China in Buddhist and Philosophy of Science, respectively, and a host of others from Columbia to China, held forth and explored the relationship between Nature and Cultures from philosophic and scientific points of view. 

Adam Bosch, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Director of Public Affairs gave a Science Talk on New York Water Supply as part of the Open Intro to Environmental Science Series on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Adam Bosch discussed how NYC DEP operates and maintains and protexts the largest municipal water supply in the United States.  His talk was followed by a luncheon with Adam Bosch and Barnard Seniors who had an opportunity to learn more about projects and opportunities with NYC DEP.


Luncheon for Jrs and Srs interested in the Environmental Science Mentoring Fellows Program has begun.

Barnard Juniors and Seniors joined us for the first Environmental Science Department Mentoring Fellows Meeting and gave input as we roll out this brand new program.  Sign up to be a mentor, built a supportive community and gain communication and professional development skills while engaging with peers with Leslie Raucher.

Majors & Prospective Majors & Minors Program Planning Meeting on 11/8

The Program Planning Meeting for Spring 2019 Classes and Requirements took place on Thursday, November 8 and were joined by Senior Majors for a dinner and discussion about experiences and advice. Continue to peruse course offerings, and and make appointments during office hours in links found in Faculty and Staff section in the days ahead.  Information on our Majors and links to Requirements and Planning is listed under Majors and you may look at Recommendations for First Years and Credit and Placement.

Cutting Back on CO2: Turning CO2 into Stone
Professor Martin Stu
te gave a Science Talk as part of the Open Intro to Environmental Science Series on Thursday, Nov. 8

 Columbia Masters in Public Health Luncheon with Professor Joseph Graziano:

Professor Joseph Grazziano, Environmental Health Sciences and Pharmacology at Columbia's School of Public Health,  returned to campus to speak with students about the Masters in Public Health at Columbia on October 18.  Those who attended got a great sense of this terrific program in our midst.

In our annual overnight retreat to Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, on September 29 and 30th, majors, FY and Sophomores interested in the field, and departmental faculty and staff spent a day at Storm King Art Center for a special exhibit "Indicators: Artists on Climate Change." We had a number of other events planned including a carnivore/vegan-friendly BBQ, some owling by the reservoire and a 3 levels of great hikes in the forest.  Join us again next year!
Black Rock hike

Students who studied abroad shared their experiences at our Study Abroad Luncheon on September 25th.  As always, it was a really fun and informative event.  Thank you to Blanca, Gemma, Marion, Maddie, Celeste, and Emma P. for your wonderful presentations on your journeys by sea and land from the Bolivia to New Zealand! Seniors and a Junior shared their images, successes, challenges and explorations with other majors, Sophomores and First Years! 

Study Abroad Uhuru Peak

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