Five Year Programs

Did you know that you can combine your BA from Barnard with a BS or Masters Degree from Columbia or Teachers College?
Barnard, in collaboration with Columbia University, offers several opportunities to combine your undergraduate BA in Environmental Science or Biology with another degree.

BA/BS in Engineering (5 years)

The Combined Plan is an educational affiliation between Barnard College and the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) of Columbia University. The Combined Plan enables a student to devote three years to the study of liberal arts and sciences before transferring to SEAS for two years of engineering studies. This 3-2 (five-year) program leads to two degrees: the bachelor's degree from Barnard, and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in engineering or applied science from Columbia University.

Required pre-engineering coursework:
The Full Sequence of Calculus (3-4 terms)
Ordinary Differential Equations
General Physics: Mechanics
Optics and Thermodynamics Electricity and Magnetism
Modern Physics (Not required for Civil, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science)
Computer Science
One term of computer programming language
Non-Technical Coursework
At least 28 points in the humanities and social sciences are required, including one term of Economics

Masters in Science Teaching (5 years)

Teachers College offers a 1 year Masters in Science Teaching. The fifth year program is designed to link with the BA program at Barnard College. It can be completed by May of the following year if students enroll in summer sessions after the senior year of undergraduate studies. The entrance requirements for the fifth year MA degree in science teaching leading to New York State Certification with reciprocity in many other states are a baccalaureate degree with a major in one of the sciences (biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, or physics), and one year of a spoken language (as required by State law).

Completion of the degree requires 36 points distributed as follows:
1. Science education methods (5 pts. including 3 pts. in TC 4000 Secondary Science Teaching and 2 pts. in the practicum)
2. Three professional education courses outside of science education (8-9 pts.)
3. Science disciplinary courses taken at TC, or at Columbia University, and/or Barnard College (12-15 pts.)
4. Field experience teaching science (7 pts.) 5. Electives (2-5 pts.)

The following is a sample sequence of courses for the fifth year program:

Summer sessions A and/or B (6 pts.)
Two professional education courses, e.g. philosophy, psychology or sociology of education especially in urban settings. Those seeking New York City certification need 1 course in special education (TE).

Autumn semester (15 pts)
TC 4000 Science in Secondary Schools
TC 4363 Science Teaching Practicum
TC 4043 Science in the Environment
Three content courses in science.

Intersession (January)
TI 4700 Middle School Teaching (2 pts.)

Spring semester (13 pts)
TC 4760 Student Teaching
TY 4501 Core Course in Teacher Education
Content course in science

Masters in International Affairs (5 years)

Students admitted into the joint program with the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) begin to take graduate level classes in their senior year at Columbia. Information on the application procedures is available at Columbia in 202 Hamilton.